Pilates kids and teens after school club

After school club


Joseph Pilates was convinced that the physical, social and emotional benefits of being active in childhood will set children up for a healthier future. 

An early start with Pilates could thus be very beneficial for the future of the child; "First educate the child".


A Pilates after school club for kids and teenagers is a great addition to the school sports program. There is no need to be competitive and children and teenagers get the chance to relax entirely and focus on breathing. With all the electronic devices that students use nowadays, there is an increasing demand for teaching children how to correctly use their core for a good body posture. With Pilates they will learn to develop this much needed core stability at an early age, learn about the connection between body and mind and create awareness of their body posture. Pilates is also said to improve academic results because children are able to concentrate better.


Core conditioning, being resistance training, increases bone health, reduces injuries and can help prevent lower back pain at an older age.

More and more schools in London interested in their students' physical well being, are taking Pilates on board as an after school club.


For additional information, just contact me. I would be happy to discuss a tailor made program adapted to the needs of your students.