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Teenagers enjoying a workout on the reformer
Reformer Workout
Teenagers enjoying a workout on the reformer
Reformer Workout

For women & teenagers


Price: £45

With an SPX reformer at my private studio located in Ealing West London, you will be guaranteed a well rounded 45 minutes session using the entire body and increasing stability through the joints. These sessions are generally more intense than mat based Pilates because the reformer provides more resistance using straps and springs. Some experience with Pilates is recommended before using the reformer.

To make the workout more athletic and challenging for the more experienced, "Dynamic Reformer Pilates" is a great way to take the Reformer exercises to a higher level.

For those longing for more aerobic/cardiovascular workouts on the reformer, we can use a cardio tramp (a small trampoline at the end of the reformer). This is a very good tool to get the heart rate up without too much impact on the joints; jumping whilst lying on a reformer; a safe, effective and unique way of training and prevents unnecessary injuries.

A lot of people and even children get referred by their physiotherapist to do Pilates. 

Teenagers from 12 years on can benefit from the reformer as much as adults, focussing on better body posture especially related to the increase in use of electronic devices, and thus creating awareness for the importance of the core throughout. The challenge of working against resistance makes this session even more fun for this age group.

As with the matwork, a Postural Analysis needs to be done prior to the reformer session.

For a first appointment please send in the contact form before booking a session online.